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I was at work last night and we had closed, so all the employees (myself included) walked through the store together to do some last-minute pick up/clean up before we left. Somehow, someone started talking about some inappropriate things about their sex lives. (As a note, it was only girls there that night.) Some of the girls were talking about how when men 'do it' from behind they pull their hair and it hurts and all that, and I just laughed it off and played along. Then one of the girls called me out (I will use letters only):
A: How 'bout you, [BlondMoments], you haven't said anything. All you've done is laugh.
D: I'll bet she has no idea what we're talking about.
M: Yeah, I'll bet she's never even had sex!
I knew they were trying to insult me, but I decided to turn this back on them.
BlondMoments: I haven't.
Everyone gasped.
A: Girl, you lyin'.
BlondMoments: No, I'm serious. I've never even kissed a boy before.
D: Are you kidding right now?
BlondMoments: Nope. That's why I wear this ring. [I held up my left hand.] It's a purity ring.
M: Is that for, like, not having sex until you're married?
I nodded.
D: Aww, that's so sweet. Are you not kissing anyone until you're married, either?
BlondMoments: I'm gonna try not to.
A: Girl, you better get married tonight!
M: Girl, how old are you?
BlondMoments: Eighteen.
A: You know what you should do? You should sell your virginity online.
D: Oh, I've heard about that! There's guys who pay thousands of dollars to fuck a girl who's never had sex before!
BlondMoments: I don't think so.

So, yes. This was blog-worthy. I am a virgin, and I'm proud of it. And I don't see why it's such a big deal.

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Sooo I can't remember the last time I posted, so I'm not going to try. There's been a lot that's happened, so I'll try to give you the important details.
1) I graduated high school. In fact, I graduated as salutatorian of my class. Some of my would-be friends weren't happy that I "stole" the spot from the previously second-ranked girl, whom I will call Alpha Wolf, but I think I earned it fair and square. She's not as smart as I, anyway, so I don't really care how she feels.
2) I decided to attend the University of Toledo and major in mechanical engineering and minor in computer science & engineering. My parents think I'm crazy. I think I'm awesome. That was prideful. Never mind. Next!
3) I got a car. Not a used car. A new one. A candy blue-colored 2012 Ford Focus, actually. It's beautiful. And it sparkles in the sunlight. It's an ADHD person's nightmare, as my ADHD friend would say. Ha.
5) I've learned a lot about who my real friends are, and that it's useless to try to change someone who doesn't give a flying monkey about others' feelings. More on this later...
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I hate to admit it, but I've never blogged before. Ever. And it's currently 11:27 P.M. on March 13th and I don't know why I'm still up. I guess I'm just used to staying up late since I normally stay up to finish homework or to play videogames.

Maybe you should know a few things about me.
I am the epitome of a nerd. I love math, science, and videogames. My favorite videogames include Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect (all of them), Neverwinter Nights (with the expansions), and Neverwinter Nights 2. Basically, I'm a BioWare girl. I'm also an Alistair, Fenris, and Kaidan girl. Not all at once though. 11:30 P.M.
I also enjoy -- no -- LOVE watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. I purchased the first season via iTunes and I plan to buy all the rest very soon. My favorite character is Zuko. And no, I do not have a crush on him. Maybe. I've only drawn him several times and have him as my desktop background. That's all.
I'm normally not this ADD. But it's 11:33, no, 11:34 P.M. and I don't have caffeine in my system to keep me focused. Maybe Marissa will tell you I'm like this all the time, but I like to believe I'm not half as crazy as I sound.
I also like eating and sleeping. A lot. So why am I still up? I don't know. Like I said, I'm used to it because I stay up to do my homework... and it's totally worth is because I slid into the salutatorian spot at my high school a few days ago. Hello, scholarship money!

Well I really don't know what else to write about, so I'll stop typing without apparent reason.


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